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Tess And The Durbervilles
From the smouldering vocals of Dusty, to the four on the floor disco romp of Gloria Gaynor . From the pop sensibility of Kylie to the 50 s authentic sounds of Elvis. Tess and the Durbervilles have it all. Covering artistes as diverse as Aretha to the Scissor Sisters and Madonna.
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Cut The Cake
The finest wedding band in Scotland providing you with everything from ceilidh to modern pop, taking in swing, oldies and classic rock on the way. Five piece band incorporating guitar, keyboards, bass, drums and lead vocals, with amazing four part harmonies
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Cut The Cake
Alive Network Wedding Entertainment Agency
With entertainment for every part of your wedding day covered, from string quartets, pianists and harpists for the wedding ceremony, through to jazz bands, rat pack singers and rock and pop wedding bands for the evening reception, you really can find everything you need for the perfect wedding at Alive Network.
Alive Network Wedding Entertainment Agency
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