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Wedding Cake Colours
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Wedding Cakes Colours Guide

White or a shade of white is the traditional wedding cake colour. More modern couples are now being very creative with their wedding cakes and their colours. Some brides choose cakes styles and colours that are their favourite or even some that expresses their personality. There is lots of varieties of wedding cakes and wedding colours so our guide is designed to help you decide on the right colour for you.

Remember if you have a theme colour running through the wedding that is quite bold you can always choose a pastel colour for your wedding cake.

Tints, Tones, Shades

Seasonal pastel tints colours for weddings are becoming more and more popular. Spring weddings are finding a nice shade of green becoming popular while summer is more pink or blue. You can consider matching your spring wedding flowers with their greenery to the wedding cake shade of green. This green will complement any different colours you use on the cake and help them stand out.

Pink, Pink, Pink

Pink is no longer the colour brides avoid and is ever increasingly becoming the prominent colour at weddings, grooms are even getting involved with their attire. The wedding pink cake colour can be a light shade of pink and it can make a beautiful base colour for a cake and can be paired with white flowers, ivories and even other pastel colours. There are several different shades of pink to choose from including cotton-candy pinks that are striking and bright.

Are you outgoing?

White cakes with red rose floral arrangements are for the more outgoing bride with the Red theme at the wedding. The wedding cake colour may seem plain but he floral arrangement of the striking red roses will make the cake colour stand out.

Chocolate cakes are becoming more and more popular for winter weddings and they can be made very unique with lots of options and colours to choose from especially surrounding it accessories. Red again is good for a chocolate cake in the winter.

The summer colour is Yellow and brides love this option at the moment for even spring weddings. Yellow goes with little hints of purple, pink and blue. Using floral arrangement like daisies, sunflowers and daffodils will give that spring and summery look.

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