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Wedding Cake Flavours
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Wedding Cakes Flavours Guide

Flavours in wedding cakes are no longer just your traditional fruit filling. New flavours are cropping up every year and there is lots of choice.

The tradition has always been the tired white wedding cake with buttercream icing but times are changing and new flavours and new icing colours are coming up all the time.

Modern couples are now having varied amount of cakes with different fillings and this helps maximise the flavour options available for your wedding cake on your special day.

Smaller cakes can also be used as centrepieces for different wedding tables at the wedding reception. Each table might have a different style of cake and different cake sizes and fillings. Some brides use this as a way of getting different tables to mingle with each other so guests can try out different bits of cake from different tables.

Different cakes like chocolate, chocolate raspberry, carrot, pumpkin, meringues, baked Alaska, sponge, pound cake, mousse cakes and even your traditional fruitcake. Make sure you try and taste these cakes before opting for your choice.

Pumpkin Cakes

Although a unusual choice the pumpkin cake is becoming increasingly popular over the last few years for autumn and winter weddings. Themed weddings may also have this option at their wedding. You could consider decorating with greenery with cranberry buttercream icing.

Carrot Cake

A must for Autumn weddings, carrot cakes tend to have that moist feeling with a hint of spice which gives in that lovely texture and taste. Raisins can be put in or left out giving you options to how you want your cake to taste. Decoration for your carrot cake include cream or white icing with pecans on the side as well as your floral arrangements on top and the sides.

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