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Wedding Cake Icings
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Wedding Cake Icings

Your baker will able to reel off lots of different icings without you knowing exactly what they are or what texture/taste they have. Our guide should be able to help you work out the differences and be able to find a suitable solution for your wedding cake.

This is one of the icings you probably would have heard of as its one of the most popular solution for all cakes including wedding cakes. Buttercream is also one of best price of icing when it comes down to comparing the sizes of cakes and cost. One of the good things about buttercream it is soft and easy to cut, the texture is creamy and smooth. If you are having a delicate cake with swags and rosettes then buttercream is one of the best options available. The taste is sweet but not too sweet.

Storage for buttercream icing cakes can be a little more tricky though. The icing is made from butter so keeping it in a cool place is advisable. If you are having a summer wedding where the cake might be in sunlight or even displayed outside then make sure you check with your baker that this is ok. Some brides have the cake under lights to give it a better look again this is not advisable. There is different types of buttercream icings and your baker will be able to advise on the best way to accommodate the storage options for your wedding cake.

Whipped Cream

Although whipped cream is lovely and gives a great texture to your cake, this icing is heavily affected by heat and humidity so be careful. Some brides have display cupcakes with buttercream icing and have the whipped cream cupcakes in the fridge until they are being served. It is known for whipped cream wedding cakes to shift the floor or table is not even so discuss this with your baker about your options.

Royal Icing

This is one of the more traditional icings used and is soft when made but soon dries and goes hard. This tends to be used nowadays for beading and flowers and is used for decoration and not for the whole of the cake.


Fondant icing is a made from gelatine, glycerine, corn syrup and of course sugar. This icing is very popular for wedding cakes. It is used to wrap around each tier of the wedding cake. It gives a clean and smooth textured finish. Unlike the other icings this is one that shouldn�t be refrigerated. It can be used for decoration and can easily be coloured. This is by far the most versatile wedding cake icing.

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