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Wedding Cake Sizes
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Wedding Cake Sizes Guide

The size of the wedding cake is one of the hardest parts to decide on and it is dependant of your budget for your wedding cake. You do not want too much wedding cake left over at the end but at the same you would like a large wedding cake.

If you consulting with a baker then they will be able to tell you the proper size of wedding cake according to the number of guests you are having. Wedding cakes come in all shapes and sizes and many contemporary wedding cakes have a artistic look and feel.

Small Weddings

Setting your wedding cake on pillars can make the wedding cake look bigger than it actually is and this is ideal for small weddings when you do not need so much cake. It will appear like a large cake without you having too much left over cake at the end. Fake cake tiers are another way of making the cake look big without the need for the real cake tier. Get the look without the cost by creating additional tiers with no fillings.

Themed Wedding Cakes

You can get cakes in all different shapes and sizes as we have mentioned and themed cakes or specifically designed wedding cakes are also a great way of giving that extra wow factor to your wedding reception. Why not go for wedding cakes shaped as presents? Just remember though that the more intricate and extravagant the more it is going to cost you. If you see a themed wedding cake that you like in a magazine or on the internet why not drop the baker a line and get an estimate on your ideal wedding cake.

Large Wedding, Less Tiers

It is simple, if you want to increase the servings without increasing the tiers then make the tier bases bigger. Traditional tiers used to be 14 inches, 10 inches and then 6 inches. If you need a larger amount of servings than what this offers get the baker to make 16 inches, 12 inches, 8 inches. Other bakers may suggest have a sheet of wedding cake which is kept out of sight. This is usually cheaper and also easier to cut into servings for your guests. More and more couples are opting for cupcakes where each guest can have their individual cake.

Less Servings

As you have guessed if you want fewer servings then simply reduce the bases of the wedding cakes opposite to what you have done if you wanted to increase the servings.

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It is your cake.

Remember at the end of the day this is your wedding cake for your special day so if a wedding cake maker is giving you a different direction on how you want your cake then make sure there is good reason before going along with what they say.
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