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Wedding Cake Toppers
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Wedding Cakes Toppers

A wedding cake topper is traditionally a figurine of a bride and groom that is placed as you would on top of the wedding cake.

A cake is not complete without a topper of some sort. There are lots to choose from though and in more modern weddings there are certainly some unique options out there. Every year there are new innovative designs which makes the topper choice larger every year.

Remember though that you can make the choice of how simple or extravagant your wedding topper is going to be, if you prefer tradition then you will not be able to go wrong with a bride and groom.


Weddings are increasingly having monograms on the top of cakes. These usually appear more in spring and summer weddings. You can ask your bakery to make a sugar monogram design and incorporate little sugar rosettes as decoration.

One of the most popular choices are the single initials of the bride and grooms first names or one single initial of the new surname. If you are having an elegant wedding cake then wedding toppers encrusted with crystals will be an excellent choice.

Floral Arrangement Toppers

Fresh flowers are now being created to go on top of the wedding cake and around the different tiers of the cake while other brides are opting to utilise the skills of their baker and asking for sugar floral arrangements to be designed and made. Not only are the sugar floral arrangements beautiful and look fantastic they are edible as well.

Clay Cake Toppers

There is a lot of flexibility with clay cake toppers and it makes it easier to make the cake more personal to you and your guests by having them done as you and your husband. Make sure the cake suits this, as you do not want the wedding cake topper to be in a different style of the wedding cake.

Themed Toppers

Wedding bells, swans, butterflies, shoes, Cinderella and Prince Charming, horses and carriage, as you can see there are lots of different wedding cake theme toppers available and in a variety of materials. Make sure if you have something that is unique that it blends into the wedding and is not just a random personal thing to you and your husband because otherwise you might find yourself sharing the reason for the cake topper conversation with every for the rest of the wedding reception. There are lots of choices out there and ones to fit the theme or style of your wedding so make sure you research, enquire and choose the wedding cake topper that is most suited to the cake and the wedding.

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