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Trends for 2009
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Trends for 2009 Posted by Flowers & Plants Association  on 11th November 2008

Trends for 2009

It's great to keep up with fashion trends in the magazines to know what the most discerning bride should wear on her most magical day. But did you know that the Flowers & Plants Association produces four seasonal trends of fashion flowers a year, to ensure you'll be carrying the most glamorous bouquet to wow your guests? The following run-down of flower fashions can be adapted to suit your personal taste, and can also give you an idea as to what's in season at the time of year you're getting married. Ask your florist for ideas using your favourite flowers described below.

The flower fashion trends for 2008 are vibrant, expressive and magical. Here's a summary of what's fashionable this year to inspire you for the year ahead, with tips on what's hot for 2009…

Colourful Grey was the Spring trend of 2008. It injects vibrant splashes of vivid colour against a neutral backdrop, a look which was huge on the catwalk and featured in all the top fashion magazines. But there are no nasty neon flowers for the most fashionable brides – instead, there are sunny spills of colour with nature's funkiest flower, gerbera.

A huge theme for the Summer which continues all year and looks set to be massive for 2009 is using flowers in an expressive, emotive way, with fashion flower jewellery being worn  - a fun trend for the most beautiful bride. The star of the show is the rose, the flower that sums up every emotion and has been used to express romance for centuries. Accessorise your bouquet with unique pictures,  lucky charms, motifs or jewellery to enhance a personalised theme.

Autumn flowers have a rustic feel, as if in harvest celebration of the fruits of the earth. Wild shapes and colourful forms are popular, with natural accessories like fruit and vegetables in arrangements. This is a great look for a wedding reception in a country setting – ask for mirrored containers to keep the look smart and clean.  The starring flower is the lily, the diva flower of the earth's bulbs. Lilies are one of the UK's top 3 flowers, and are hugely popular in weddings.

The magical, mystical feeling of flowers this winter 2008/2009 can be re-created with the trend Look & Wonder. Pastel colours, sparkly twigs and delicate flowers will make this a hugely popular wedding trend. Create that fairytale look in a classy, contemporary way, and celebrate your wonderful wedding in the most romantic style! Cymbidium orchids look like they've been painted by nature with a small inquisitive face – just like curious Alice in Wonderland.

The year ahead will 'Go Green' – with flower styles celebrating the natural energy, vibrancy and ritual aspects of flowers. The most fashionable spring flower for 2009 is the tulip, which is a very popular wedding flower and super-versatile. Tulips come in a wide range of colours to suit any taste – from palest pastels to wild and striped. They look gorgeous packed tightly into a modern handtie with hyacinths, or wild and natural in an over-the-arm bouquet. They have a wonderfully natural form and movement which looks fabulous mixed with other spring flowers. The general look is quirky and personal, and all about the artistic elements of floral design – so ask your florist  to come up with something really gorgeous and bespoke, with interesting collections of flowers for your reception teamed with artefacts and paintings. Great flowers to team with the tulip are hyacinths; pretty fritillaria, with their checkerboard pattern and daintily nodding bloom; beautiful scented narcissi; ranunculus, which look like tissue-soft mini peonies; and soft green guelder rose, like the palest mini balls of hydrangea.

Summer goes tropical with an emphasis on the tactile and sensually evocative aspect of flowers  - great for Leos who are getting married around the time of their birthday! The starring flower is the anthurium, a naturally sexy flower with a glossy palette and spiky central spathe. These touchy-feely flowers can be displayed in all their glory solo in a handtie that'll be the talk of your wedding day, or can be teamed with other interesting flowers for a more classic look. Introduce vintage tradition and scent with freesia; pretty country-style with peonies; a water-lily opulence with dahlia; regal simplicity with arum or calla lilies; and soften the look with dill. The effect is almost like an underwater rainforest – with big, glossy tropical leaves to complement the floral displays. A short, low bowl with a collection of one of each  flower and fabulously striking foliage is a must  for the reception tables - the amazing beauty of these flowers speak for themselves and are the natural choice for a balmy summer wedding.

As with all vintage fashion, the chrysanthemum is firmly back in fashion and is the star of the Autumn trend.  If you absolutely adore chrysanthemum, don't panic – they're available year-round, but if you want to stick to tradition, Autumn is the time of year that chrysanthemums naturally grow.
Tall, vibrant and striking flowers create the look – so would suit a tall bride with a plain, elegant dress.  For your bouquet, mix chrysanthemum with a pretty garden-like mixture of scented purple phlox, orange asclepias, funky snapdragon and fluffy purple liatris. This trend has a real 60's vibe to it – so it would also suit lovers of this era, too. Real daredevils can add gladioli into an over-the-arm sheaf bouquet – these tall, stately flowers were really popular in the 60's, and add instant drama to any arrangement. Your florist can go really wild with this selection for your reception, and you'll remember your special day in colourful glory for years to come.

The rich, sensual colours of winter are deep and mystical – burnt orange, aubergine, deep reds and striking cerise. The dainty, speckled alstroemeria flower is the main flower to look out for, which is really popular for corsages and hairpieces. It's a wonderful flower for medieval style weddings due to its unusual shape, speckled patterns and vibrant colours. This flower celebrates the deep primal nature of the colder months and adds warm, rich hues to winter. Create an exotic mix of fiery colours for your bouquet in cerise and orange, using burnt orange calla lilies; spiky, dramatic helicona; cerise vanda orchids; fuzzy kangaroo paw and bright orange carnations. This is a delightful, sensory mixture for you – and your florist – to have fun with.

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