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Geoff Whiting Photography
Geoff is a member of the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers & British Professional Photographers Associates. He is recognized for his distinctive, reportage style and has considerable experience as a specialist Portrait & Wedding Photographer in the Western Cape, South Africa.
Geoff Whiting Photography is a personalised service and takes pride in producing work of oustanding quality. Geoff is committed, with respect to both business philosophy and product quality, to the highest standards of professionalism and excellence.

painting with light

The desire to create beautiful things usually comes naturally and insofar as one succeeds in realising that objective, the rewards are fulfilling.

What better way to achieve this than by exploiting the power and mystery of light. Photography is about ‘painting with light’ but as an art form is not necessarily confined to drawing attention to pleasing images. It can also be a powerful means of communicating values.

Given that appearances of reality occur as frequently as the changing values of light, it has never been true that ‘the photograph cannot lie’. With the inception furthermore of technological tools capable of the most persuasive deception, it has become increasingly difficult to draw the line between photography ( as it tends to be understood traditionally ) and the arts generally.

Alongside its’ unique ability to capture that single moment in time, I view photography as a means of communication and one of the most effective tools in achieving that end. Images, albeit mere reflections of that reality, evoke both joy and pain. They exist in abundance around us and command varying influence for better or worse.

The incomparable beauty of a fleeting sunset ( never to be repeated ) is after all, probably yet another reflection of that elusive reality.

11A Benchfield Road, Croydon


London: 0208 6867344

Mobile: 07982 804063

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